About Us

“I have built a nine-figure fortune, from a starting point of zero, by investing.”

- Fund Investor

Cantor Advantages

Strong Track Record

Over the past 28 years, we have purchased, managed, and operated over four dozen successful commercial and residential real estate projects in 17 states across the U.S. through several market cycles, totaling over $500 million.

PT_Handshake ClaspedAligned Interests

Our Executive Officers invest significant personal capital, a minimum of 10% in every deal. We view every investment as our own and are focused on maximizing value for our investors, our dedication has been attested to by the successful performance of Fund I.

Consistent Income

We pay out a 6% annual dividend quarterly to investors with significant upside potential based on value creation for an overall targeted 12%-18% return.


We target multiple property types and geographical markets to reduce portfolio risk and increase deal flow.

Disciplined Approach

By focusing on underserved secondary markets, we are able to buy assets at discounted prices that have the capability to provide larger current yields and upside than assets located in primary markets. We mitigate downside risk by targeting assets that are already producing solid yields to cover our 6% annual distribution and provide the opportunity for increased cash flow through proactive and aggressive asset management. We limit our debt to equity ratio to below 65%.

Deep Experience

Our Executive Officers have a total of over 60 years of real estate investment experience totaling 84 assets with a value of $3.3 billion, including Salomon Brothers, MetLife Real Estate Investors and Trammell Crow. We have an established network and the industry expertise to locate unique opportunities that fit our investment criteria.






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